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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

QHHT is a unique method of hypnosis, developed by hypnotherapist and author Dolores Cannon.


The method involves an induction into the Theta brainwave state (the sleepwalking state).  This state allows us to bypass the conscious thinking mind and access our All-knowing awareness.  This is a very natural state that all humans move through at least twice a day; once while falling asleep and once while waking up, therefore it is achievable by everyone.


In this state, memories, emotions and experiences are able to resurface from the past as well as other lifetimes.  The Higher Self chooses the most appropriate experiences to revisit to facilitate healing, insights and guidance that resonate with the current life experience.


Once the past or other lifetime has been explored, the Higher Self is then contacted directly.  The H.S has access to all of the information and memories an individual has ever experienced in this lifetime and all of the lifetimes they’ve ever lived.  Through this energetic record (or Akashic Records) we can find answers to questions about anything, so long as it is in accordance with ones life plan to know. 


From this connection, we can learn the root cause, purpose and message behind any physical, spiritual, emotional or mental dis-ease, trauma or imbalance.  As well as the reasons why they manifested, how to heal them, and what changes need to be made to avoid recurrence.  And, if appropriate, the higher self can even facilitate miraculous healings.  


The longterm success of the treatment is largely in the hands of the client in how they integrate the healing and information received during and after the session, with use of an audio recording.  One session holds the power to support someone's healing journey for years to come and I encourage clients to listen to their recording as often as feels necessary. 


People often find connection and communication with their Higher Self to be easier after a session, or, recognize that they have always been connected to their inner knowing.

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