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The Power of 9

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Why do all of my service prices add up to 9?

In numerology, 9 holds a very powerful energy. As the last number before 10 it represents completion, fulfillment, death as well as new beginnings and rebirth. The number 9 represents the cyclical pattern of life, death, life. It holds within it all of the wisdom from lessons learned, acting as a compassionate guide and teacher. Through the many challenges the 9 has faced, it has learned the valuable lesson of moving through life with a childlike joy.

The wisdom of the 9 holds within it the importance of seeing and loving all aspects of self; both light and dark (not to be mistaken with 'good' or 'bad'). The 9, having gone through many trials, also holds potentially limiting energies of suffering, sacrifice, and resentment.

Additionally (pun intended), the 9 is the only number whose sum when added to itself is itself, infinitely; 9+9 = 18 -> 1+8 = 9, 9+9+9 = 27 -> 2+7 = 9, 9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9+9 = 81, 8+1 = 9. Through the accumulation, or addition, of past experiences the 9 learns to lovingly hold the hurt aspects of self, that can dwell in victimhood, and guide them into higher alignment; a true healer.

I feel that the energy of the 9 is a very potent and powerful one to pair with any kind of healing work. With this frequency interwoven through the healing services, both my clients and myself are supported by the wisdom and compassion of the 9. Simultaneously we are activating deeper aspects of self and love. We are guided to look at, love and integrate our shadows. We are called into higher integrity, gratitude and joy for life.

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