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Energy Healing

Every session begins with clearing and opening the space for ceremony.  I may alternate between physically touching the body and hovering just above it.  Every person will have a different experience and the same individual will likely have a different experience from one session to the next.  Sensations can range from emotional releases, feeling very calm and peaceful, strong waves of energy moving through the body to feelings of elation and even more.  Whatever the experience is what is meant to be, I am there as a loving support through it all and am fully capable of assisting a safe and complete reintegration. 


If someone were interested in assistance with tapping into their own ability to channel Source energy, I am available to offer guidance and support in remembering and honing this capability.  I share my techniques and I encourage clients to follow their intuition, to explore and to develop their own approach to healing. 

Energy healing sessions can be done from a distance, anywhere in the world. 

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