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Hey there beautiful soul and welcome, my name is Samaya.  This is a space where I share my services, my art, and my experiences.  My intention is to encourage others to live their most joyous life.

Whether it be through inspiration, friendship, or an in-person healing session, I am grateful for any opportunity to connect.

As humans, it is our nature to be in a constant state of growth and learning.  This awareness helps us evolve as we surrender to the experience of life.  Through my own experiences, I've learned that this can be an incredibly difficult process; a brave choice of faith that yields no definitive end or state of being yet opens the door to infinite love and expansion…

Surrender to yourself, surrender to the Universe, surrender to that inner knowing that guides you through life. 

Take a few deep breaths, and go where you're called.



Located on Salt Spring Island, BC Canada

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